Pre-register for free iPod & Laptop

Next2Friends combines new and exciting services with an enriched online social experience that will rival all existing social spaces.

Each quarter they will give away a new Dell Laptop; and each month they will give away an iPod Touch. All you have to do is pre-register (it is free) and be the first to experience the fun and innovative web technology. Next drawing for the laptop is Dec 15th. Next drawing for the iPod Touch is November 15th.

Next2Friends is set to become one of the internets busiest and most exciting sites because it will revolutionize Social Networking. Up until now Social Networking has been primarily internet based. Next2Friends offers you a revolutionary new approach by bringing Social Networking on to your handset and into your immediate environment.

Pre-register now and get a 8GB iPod Touch each month and Dell Inspiron 1720 each quarter.

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