Programming Languages I’ve Learnt

Inspired by other developers blogging about the programming languages they learnt, here is the list of Programming Languages that I’ve learnt so far; along with the reason, in italics.

  1. BASICin 5th, school curriculum
  2. Cin 7th, school curriculum
  3. C++in 8th, school curriculum
  4. HTMLafter 10th, in Summer Training Institute
  5. CSSin 11th, school curriculum
  6. JavaScriptin 11th, school curriculum
  7. Visual Basic 6in 11th, school curriculum
  8. SQLin 11th, school curriculum
  9. Javain 11th, school curriculum
  10. FoxProcollege curriculum
  11. x86 Assemblycollege curriculum
  12. PHPpersonal interest
  13. ActionScriptpersonal interest
  14. XMLpersonal interest
  15. XSLTpersonal interest
  16. Rubyprofessionally
  17. MXMLpersonal interest

Languages I’m planning to learn,

  • Perl
  • Python
  • bash
  • Objective-J
  • Erlang

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