Hover for non-anchor elements in IE6

Updated article on Hover for non-anchor elements in IE6

The :hover pseudo-class adds a special style to an element when you mouse over it.

The ‘:hover’ pseudo-class works fine in IE7, FF, Safari and Opera for all the elements. But for obvious reasons IE6 fails to recognize the ‘:hover’ pseudo-class for all elements other than the anchor(<a></a>).

The ‘:hover’ pseudo-class can be made to work in IE6 with the help of the jQuery method ‘hover()’.

Lets see how it is done.

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safeMail : Anti-Spam Email with Unobtrusive Javascript

If you’ve included your email address in your site then you’d definitely get junk mail that clogs your inbox. The Spam Bots and Spam Crawlers crawl through the web pages constantly and add all the email address they encounter to their lists.

I wanted a perfect solution to keep the Spam Bots away from my email address. I came across several solutions based on Javascript. But none of them was generalized, almost all of them I encountered used Javascript to insert the email address and each address needed to be coded individually. You can find a similar solution from Joe Maller
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Create Vectors Online from images

VectorMagic is an Online Tools for creating Vectors from images. This site is a result of the Stanford University’s “Artificial Intelligence Laboratory” research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda

VectorMagic site is powered by a Flex application and produces good vectors from the images that we upload. It offers us options to configure the image for better vectors. All you need to use this service is a modern browser, like Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox and Adobe Flash player.

VectorMagic provides better and precise Vectors than those generated by Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, both being the top products in the industry for Vector-art. You can view a comparison of VectorMagic, Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CorelDraw X3 here.

Keep updated on the latest developments at VectorMagic from the VectorMagic Blog

Pre-register for free iPod & Laptop

Next2Friends combines new and exciting services with an enriched online social experience that will rival all existing social spaces.

Each quarter they will give away a new Dell Laptop; and each month they will give away an iPod Touch. All you have to do is pre-register (it is free) and be the first to experience the fun and innovative web technology. Next drawing for the laptop is Dec 15th. Next drawing for the iPod Touch is November 15th.

Next2Friends is set to become one of the internets busiest and most exciting sites because it will revolutionize Social Networking. Up until now Social Networking has been primarily internet based. Next2Friends offers you a revolutionary new approach by bringing Social Networking on to your handset and into your immediate environment.

Pre-register now and get a 8GB iPod Touch each month and Dell Inspiron 1720 each quarter.